Atlassian is a must-have for your team

One of the main Incode Group’s strategies is to create favorable work environments leading to high-performance results that is why we are setting a course for Atlassian.

One of the main Incode Group’s strategies is to create favorable work environments leading to high-performance results that is why we are setting a course for Atlassian.

A well-stocked toolbox is a must-have for any company, striving for prosperity in the IT sphere. Every single process needs to be managed, monitored and discussed, otherwise, the whole organization risks falling into chaos.

Nowadays, the question of finding a suitable instrument becomes a headache as the market, offering such technologies for business, is overflowed with whether unreasonably expensive or low-quality products. On the one hand, everybody wants to get perfect results, however on the other hand not everybody wishes to spend a considerable amounts of money on it. In this respect, Atlassian Software has made a real breakthrough. Its fathers neglected the traditional vision of the enterprise, we should pay tribute to their courage and determination, that lead to conquering the market.

Their principles are simple:

  1. Create outstanding and unique solutions for business to establish a loyal group of customers
  2. Product distribution is built upon “minimum free” model
  3. Acquisition of external products with their further integration to the existing set of solutions.

These principles have become powerful and quite unusual determinants of the company’s growth, established, by the way, in far 2002.

Incode Group aims to implement Atlassian software because it is an agile set of tools for management and bug tracking. Jira, Confluence, Trello and Bitbucket are among the most used instruments around the globe and it is for a good reason.

Jira Software is an exceptional tool for planning, tracking and visualizing the workflow. Incode Group has chosen it because of simplicity in installation and usage. API and the multiple plugins enhance the product’s functionality. There are over 100 ready-made and free-to-use extensions in addition to those ones you can create yourself. Jira can be customized for any field of activity or for any project performed in the company. In simple terms, it gets your project off on the right foot.

Other tool organizing your projects and tasks on one “plate” is Trello. All updates and processes are shown in real time, so any assigned participant can see relevant information. In addition, properly organized structure in Trello can handle up to 50+ users working on the tasks, and managers controlling and monitoring these processes. It is more than a To-Do list. All activities are visualized on the board as lists, checklists or cards. The card can be whether a small three-minute task or long-term project with internal subtasks list, comments and documentation. However, in compare to Jira, Trello is simpler and everybody can deal with this tool without any efforts. So if you are unfamiliar with both Jira and Trello or you are beginner, to be sure that Trello is the best way to start. If you are professional and ready for any tasks, then it is right decision to choose Jira for your purpose.

BitBucket is another great tool for development, representing a version control repository solution. BitBucket offers both open and private repositories for free with unlimited disc space, each can be easily tuned (wiki, bug trackers, privacy) Access to all repositories is conducted through HTTP and SSH protocols, additionally, BitBucket received SOC 2 Type II Certification what makes it more than just a secure service. As a bonus, BitBucket has a massive support on the

On the top of everything above there is an impressive advantage of using several Atlassian products together. First, there is an opportunity to integrate one solution with another, Trello with Jira or Jira with Bitbucket, for example. Next, Atlassian Software takes responsibility for their products and maintain them carefully, releasing updates and enhancements regularly. And finally, it is a proven solution provider, taking leading positions on the market over 15 years.

So the reason to set a course for Atlassian Software is really good, isn’t it?

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