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Ever since cryptocurrencies were first established, their appeal to the average user has been undercut by their mercurial and mysterious nature. That kind of mistrust from the consumers had left them underappreciated up until a select few took the risk and plunged headfirst into crypto investments. Still, the skyrocketing value might have made their decision a profitable one but the question of security and legitimacy remained. Diversifying funds via crypto, in a way, is the 21st century alternative to the stock market. But it lacks regulation that would-be financers could rely on to feel secure in their investments. So a challenge arises: to provide crypto users with privacy, security, and fast transaction processing.


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Inсode Group has to create a crypto exchange platform that’s fast, trustworthy, and secure for trading. All requirements of the more regulated industries and bases of modern product design should be met to establish such a market, as well as its currencies, as a legal and transparent option.


Creating an agile cryptocurrency exchange system

Even years after its inception, the system of trading crypto is cumbersome, unintuitive, and practically user-hostile.

The platform grants agile exchanges via multi-asset architecture. No more twelve-step processing and jumping over complicated hurdles.

Improving upon the transaction speed

In contrast to similar services, we plan to achieve an average time of the transaction in the range of 5 to 30 minutes. The challenge is to get there using pre-existing tools.

The platform allows quick registration and validation with bilateral cryptocurrency operations done in a matter of minutes.

Secure all of the shared data

All user data and history must remain secure and accessible only to them.

We employed layered protection and personal keys that aren’t beholden to your current device.

Make the design attractive

In addition to making the process more accessible, we want to create intuitive UI. This will help legitimize crypto in the eyes of the average consumer.

We have developed both desktop and mobile versions of the platform with cutting-edge design standards applied to both.

How it works 

Using Cryptonymous as a crypto exchange platform is easy enough and requires little knowledge of the crypto market:

  • 01. Choose your preferred exchange type. Cryptonymous screenshot
  • 02. Add your email, card, and/or cryptocurrency wallet depending on your further needs. Cryptonymous screenshot
  • 03. Verify yourself with a passport or a driver’s license. Cryptonymous screenshot
  • 04. Confirm the transaction by scanning a QR code. Cryptonymous screenshot
  • 05. Keep track of your transactions and the exchange rates of your currencies of choice via personal history. Cryptonymous screenshot

In short, conducting secure crypto exchanges on our platform takes just 4 easy steps with a 5th one optional for those who want to follow up on their trade or wish to do more business.

 Key features

  • High-speed platform High-speed platform icon

    Even 30 minutes would be pretty good by the industry standards but we have managed to set a range of 5 to 30 minutes for all transactions, guaranteeing quick results.

  • Excellent UX Excellent UX icon

    No outdated 2000’s style design, no unnecessary elements, adapted for both desktop and mobile devices.

  • A New Standard of Security Absolutely secured icon

    All personal data, transactions info, and history are highly secured with the deсentralized storage system using blockchain.

  • Automated transactions management Automated transactions management

    No administrator involvement is required to process the transaction.

  • Multiple exchange directions Multiple exchange directions icon

    There are no limits on how you can exchange the currencies.

  • Advanced Monitoring Transactions monitoring icon

    Watch over your transactions and track their progress via a smart profile page.

  • Comprehensive Analytics Tools analytics tools icon

    Support and managing staff get access to a smart administration dashboard to help track activity and curate the platform if needed.

Stack of technologies 

  • React
  • NodeJS (NestJS)
  • Golang (Gin)
  • AWS EC2 instance
  • AWS s3
  • RDS for PostgreSQL
  • Microservices
  • DDD
  • API gateway
  • Broker
  • Bounded Context
  • CI/CD: Ansible + Jenkins


  • 01.

    Having surveyed competing exchanges and researched business models old and new, we chose the optimal one based on an analysis of payment modes, exchange rates, and fee applications.

  • 02.

    Implemented most of the common as well as a few unique exchange chains.

  • 03.

    Provided secure KYC service which allows users to avoid data leaks, fraud, and any other danger to their financial operations.

  • 04.

    Simplified the UX to make digital, crypto, and fiat currencies exchange more accessible.


June 2018

Initial Preparations

  • Market research
  • Main features described and systemized
  • Engine description prepared
  • Initial UX layouts are ready
July 2018


  • Back-end prototyping
  • Mobile versions prototyping
August-September 2018

Back-end Development

  • Back-end development has begun


  • Back-end development continues
October 2018


  • Rounding out the final stages of back-end development
  • Front-end development has begun
March 2019


  • We are planning to deploy the live beta version of Cryptonymous for open tests and reach a critical mass of users
Summer-Fall 2019

Bug Fixing

  • Continuously adding exchange routes and options for them

Full Release

  • Cryptonymous is fully realized and operational as a reliable crypto exchange platform software


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FinTech, Exchange Platform, eCommerce, Analytics, Blockchain