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Finding or developing a custom IoT solution for your needs is not only complex but, most of the time, pricey. There are, of course, hundreds of manufacturers and hardware options out there but IoT is about quality, not quantity.

Most people will find the process of choosing the right product and supplier annoying as many sales platforms are poorly optimized, have few security measures, and offer little help in establishing a long-term relationship between manufacturer and customer. But so far the only alternative has been to either rely on these subpar systems or create your hardware from scratch, sinking money into R&D. That is precisely why Incode Group felt the need to create Insake.


InSake screenshot

Build a secure marketplace to help reduce dev costs

Our main goal was to establish a centralized place for people and companies to securely and efficiently sell, buy, or pre-order IoT hardware and related devices. And, with people using that platform at their leisure, we hoped to help halve development costs.

Provide a faster path to the market

We set out to help companies and their products reach the target audience 30% faster using more efficient solutions. Thus startups could see the results of their work faster by connecting with the customer and providing IoT and DIY products, all with the backbone of a handy filter system and a price comparison module.

InSake screenshot
InSake screenshot

Centralize IoT market efforts

We aimed to prop up the IoT market as a whole and make it easier for both manufacturers and their customers to link up, establish a fruitful partnership, and not have to worry about fraud or getting a low-quality product.

Thanks to feedback and request implementation, manufacturers will be able to see what the customers want and which niches can be filled to great success.


Build a secure ecosystem

Reduce the risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third-party that collects, holds, and disburses funds only when both the Buyer and the Seller are satisfied.

Implemented an escrow financial arrangement system keeping the payment in a secure escrow account. It is only released when all of the terms of delivery and quality have been met.

Managing peak loads and downtime

Downtime, be it due to equipment damage or peak loads, can deliver a huge hit to efficiency. It incurs upfront and visible costs, as well as hidden ones, such as overtime, loss of revenue, and emergency service inquiries.

By using a tailored microservices architecture, we achieved high-performance uptime, resilience, and flexible scaling at peak loads. We safeguarded the platform from failure through implementing server independence.

Putting the focus on UX

Any modern platform has to be user-friendly, it’s a non-negotiable condition. Nothing drives users away as quick as a poorly made interface and it’s particularly true for marketplaces.

We made every step of the deals intuitive by implementing user-friendly UX and clear UI. Incode Group seeks simplicity and usability for all parties using Insake to make the marketplace more inviting.

Creating a marketplace for IOTA data

Finding a way to effectively monetize a market with a 2.5 quintillion byte generation per day and a tendency toward exponential growth. Making sure the marketplace allows for secure transferring, purchasing, and selling of various data.

Data is as valuable as the hardware that produces it and we actively promote the ability to sell and buy traffic. Plus, you can put in a request for an IoT device with a built-in capacity for data transfers.

How does it work? 

MarketplacesPayment SystemCustomersSuppliersSuppliers

Whether you manufacture IoT devices, distribute them, run a full make-and-supply chain, or simply buy the product, Insake is designed to make trades as beneficial and safe as possible. Not only can you filter out unwanted goods or manufacturers as the buyer, but you also get quick feedback from your clients and fast support from the administrators as a seller.

Our system is all about making the trades faster while keeping them secure and easy, giving clients a chance to fast-track their IoT sales and purchases. It minimizes the number of steps needed to find the IoT tech you need or put your creations up for sale.

 Stack of technologies

  • Angular 6
  • ngrx
  • material UI
  • NodeJS + TypeScript (NestJS)
  • Golang
  • Gin
  • Gorm
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS EC2 instance
  • AWS s3
  • RDS for PostgreSQL
  • CI/CD: Ansible + Jenkins
  • Microservices
  • API gateway


  • 01.

    Putting IoT solution and communication service providers first

    Our model of a full-fledged marketplace not only gets the product out to the masses faster, it also allows you to spend the time you save on acquiring customers, managing your brand, setting up a wider distribution network.

  • 02.

    Easy connection between seller and customer

    Using Insake, you can extend your market reach, keep the sales cycle short, boost your product’s visibility, and find new supply routes.

  • 03.

    IoT solution buyers can simplify their procurement through e-commerce processes

    Customers can apply filters and search terms to quickly find trusted and tested products on Insake. The goods are shipped worldwide, covering a variety of LoRaWAN use cases and regional variations: EU 868, US915, AU920, EU433, CN470, AS923, R920.

  • 04.

    Bringing different products and brands together

    You won’t have to find separate devices on multiple platforms as Insake brings all manufacturers and IoT device types together. This kind of ecosystem makes bulk purchases easy and highlights niche products that would be lost in the crowd otherwise.

  • 05.

    IOTA data marketplace

    We take part in IOTA data distribution as we promote some of our devices connected to the network. Moreover, we encourage developers and customers to join us and try to show the most profitable way of configuring your devices (bought or developed) to get the benefit you want.


May 2018

Initial preparations

  • Market research
  • Industry research
  • Drawing up a list of standout features
  • Creating first project schemas
  • Project planning
  • Initial architecture development
June 2018


  • All project schemas are ready
  • Concept approval
  • Project’s documentation finished
  • UX/UI design
  • List of sprints created
July 2018


  • Back-end prototyping
  • Android application prototyping
  • iOS application prototyping
August 2018


  • Back-end development started
September 2018


  • Back-end development continues
  • Front-end development started
October 2018

Finishing Touches

  • Back-end development nearing the end
  • Front-end development continues
Spring 2019

Release and promotion

  • We plan to spend this winter focusing on this project and starting to promote it within focus groups
Fall 2019

Reaching a wider market share

  • We plan to reach a level where Insake could start growing organically without any marketing activities
Summer 2020

Growing into a leading IoT marketplace

 Key Features

Microservices architecture — a core tech feature that brings:

Agility Agility icon

Our teams are empowered to work more independently and quicker by taking ownership of their services. This shortens the development cycle times.

Flexible Scaling Flexible Scaling icon

Insake can be tailored to any service’s needs, scaling independently to meet your demands. Thus our teams will be able to determine the infrastructure requirements, the cost of a feature, and keep the service available even if demand surges.

Easy Deployment Easy Deployment icon

We’re continuously adding onto and improving Insake so we’re always prepared to roll back if something doesn’t meet our standards. The quick fix options make experimentation more viable and new features are brought out faster.

Technological Freedom Technological Freedom icon

The team is allowed any tools to get the job done, opening up new possibilities and ensuring that nothing restricts the end-result.

Reusable Code Reusable Code icon

We split our software into well-defined modules so our functions are all multi-use, serving as blocks to build new features upon. In a sense, we’re building Insake on its own shoulders, using preexisting code to make improvements and grow.

Resilience Resilience icon

Keeping the service independent is a vital tool in resisting failure. Monolithic architecture means that a single component failing leads to an avalanche, whereas our microservices would simply degrade functionality and prevent a full-application crash.

Insake Joins IOTA Data Marketplace Contributors  Insake is IOTA Data Marketplace Contributors icon

Insake works on sensor devices and helps promote similar products made by customers in order to boost the IOTA data market.

Filters for More Efficient Search Filters icon

Instead of making you scroll through page upon page, we developed filters for any purpose, making the search for the most niche product as easy as possible.

Utilizing Escrow to Fortify E-Commerce Security Escrow feature to improve E-commerce Security icon

All intrasystem activities use escrow and, whether you’re buying or selling, your business is kept secure until the deal is done.

Checkout Options Checkout icon

You can pay via Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, crypto.


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