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Everybody needs a website nowadays, both businesses and people. But not everybody can afford skilled developers to make their personal site and not everyone would even want to. This meant that those who didn’t want to hire a whole team would go to services that delivered website templates or do the job themselves. And though Incode Group is all about personal growth, we’ve decided to try and change the way people approach websites.


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Make The Creation Of Knowledge Bases Easy

By syncing Embedify with Google Docs, we’ve completely retooled the way bases are created. Now, you can just set up a bunch of documents with all the necessary data and, with practically a press of a button, launch them into a full-blown website.

This doesn’t require any special knowledge, which makes Embedify one of the most accessible website-building tools out there.

Enable Nigh-Instant Quick Updates

If you want to change some information, just input the new data into the Google Docs themselves and the base will reflect all changes automatically. There’s no need to push updates manually or spend time trying to figure out the system.

InSake screenshot
InSake screenshot

Set Up Fast Registration With Extensive Admin Control

You don’t need to go through long registration processes or jump through hoops just to confirm your admin status. And once you’ve registered, there is a whole arsenal of tools at your disposal to customize your knowledge base and enhance it. All of it is simple but it’s still a highly flexible control panel.


Integrating Google API

The challenge was to prove Embedify’s reliability to make it viable as a product using Google’s API officially. Also, we had to synchronize Embedify with Google Docs and eliminate any compatibility issues.

After working through several iterations, Embedify reached a point where it fit Google’s guidelines and our developers ironed out any small issues.

Establishing full security for user files and data

We had to ensure that the user’s private files and data couldn’t be manipulated by anybody without admin rights for the base.

By restricting access and rights as well as establishing full GDPR compliance, we made Embedify safe and secure.

Creating an intuitive interface

We wanted Embedify to be accessible both in its processes and in its design.

With one-click completion of most tasks and clear calls-to-action, Embedify is easy to navigate no matter how much experience you have.

How does it work? 

All you have to do is log into Embedify with your Google account and the solution automatically syncs up with your Google Docs. Afterward, you just need to choose which documents you want to turn into web pages and format them if necessary. A single click of a button then converts the documents and you have yourself a site. The whole process doesn’t take more than 5 minutes, just as we intended.

 Stack of technologies

  • NestJS (TypeScript + TypeORM)
  • DBMS: Postgres
  • Google Drive APIs
  • NextJS (React)


  • 01.

    An easy way to make knowledge bases

    Now anybody can create and organize their own knowledge base in a matter of minutes and without any knowledge of design or development.

  • 02.

    Officially recognized by Google

    Researched a lot of different exchange business models and developed the most profitable one based on deep analyzes of payment modes, exchange rates, and fee schemes.


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