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Your benchmark should be future you, better than the present one.

Your benchmark should be future you, better than the present one.

Never look for a right solution. It is more likely that you will just stop on it when you find it. Right means final. Always struggle for a better answer than you have right now because it will surely help you improve your skill. IT world is a fast-growing sphere and maybe the task you’re working on is already solved by countless Frameworks and libraries?

I am a psychologist by training and a perfectionist by nature. I considered this profession the easiest to get and it was interesting for me to explore the diversity of human minds. However, in the fourth year, I understood that sooner or later I should focus on my work as I was spending most of my time moonlighting as a translator. Later, a designer whom I knew at that time started to supply me with layout projects while I was studying programming basics, algorithms, data structures and javascript language. When I get the hang of this things, it became clear to me that I have discovered the biggest lego constructor in the world with the unlimited number of details.

For me, success was a hard work. It was a fight against myself and the circumstances I faced with. Perhaps, the core of my self-realization was in my constant desire to learn and comprehend the essence of everything. From the very beginning, I didn’t want just to write apps, I wanted to look into it and understand how it works.

I am a self-taught programmer and I faced a lot of difficulties on my way. Too soon I began to think that my knowledge was enough to start working. I believed that my experience gaps will surely be closed in the process of training but it was just an illusion. During the interviews, I regretted my decision because I was like a slowpoke who prepared for outdated questions. It demoralized me greatly although I wasn’t going to throw up my hands.

I made a long way before I came to Incode Group. The previous job was a strange place that looked like a semi-organized freelance with very irregular salary payments, but I had a little choice taking into account my low experience. I comforted myself knowing that at least I have real projects and tasks and in general the team was quite friendly. Sometime later, I noticed that they started to leave this company and sooner I understood why. They delayed my payments for one week, then two and three and when the delay reached one month I realized that it was unacceptable.

By that time Incode Group office had just opened its first office in Dnipro and one of my colleagues was interviewed there. Actually, I was already looking for another job and when I learned more about the company from him I was attracted by the fact the team was only shaping and there was a diverse array of projects elected according to developers’ capabilities.

I was impressed by the interview because for the first time in my life I had to write code on the paper. Only then I finally realized that you should be quite confident in what you are writing because there is no Interpreter on the paper.

I like my job, the company and the people surrounding me because I can learn a lot from them. This is my advice for you: never stop learning and developing. Today people’s major constraint is their laziness and unwillingness to learn and find answers maybe that’s why they still pay for uploading data to their phones and tablets :)

I never wanted to be such a person and I never will. I have always been diligent and hungry for knowledge and new information, but these qualities fully freed while I was learning, when I tried to understand all sides of the issue I worked on. I wanted to figure out both theoretical and practical aspects of the problem.

Your final aim should be the ability to learn and master things instead of mindless absorbing. Always try to look at a problem from 360 points of view and search for as many solutions as you can find. Believe me, there are less wrong answers than you can imagine. Prepare to keep your nose to the grindstone at first. Learn code style and semantics (variables’ names, methods, code’s organization) and of course learn English.

Believe me, I did the same and I certainly know what I am talking about. My biggest sticking point was the lack of specialized training (however, life often proves that this does not guarantee anyone a sufficient skill level).

First, I made it a rule to learn whenever I had time. I began to read and watch tutorials duplicating everything step by step, sometimes I made it in a new way gaining new experience and information. However, I always returned to unsolved tasks to work on my errors, of course, if I could get that it was an error. That was not so easy, especially in the beginning.

Every free second I have I dedicate to putting into practice everything I have learned whether it is a mobile app or game like Super Mario Bros., or an old self-project refined with new features.

As I have already said never stop learning, but you also shouldn’t forget about passions making your life complete, do what you like. Skateboarding and music have always been such passions for me and I devoted a better part of my life to these activities. There always should play music whether while working or resting. Find those things that will make you happy every day.

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