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Even at base level, keeping a project running hiccup-free with no unnecessary downtime or drops in productivity can be challenging. And while there are many tools to aid in getting the CMS project management process streamlined, they seem outdated by today’s standards. Incode Group has decided to remedy that and create the kind of tools that will reduce time spent on micromanaging and optimize the end-result. Tired of costly and bulky programs, we set out to make a light and accessible alternative.


All work on display

Ensure full transparency of the statuses of our in-house, outsource, and out staff employees with tools to monitor performances. Track the results by team or by individual with structured evaluation and project monitoring.

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Keys to the company

Create an all-in-one tool to track projects, leads, and customers, sourcing from a unified system. Thus achieve early problem prevention, automatic progress monitoring, and unrestricted collaboration between teams and departments. Up the efficiency of the workflow.

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A role-based system access management

Implement options that help easily define roles and assign them via an easy-to-use permissions assignment interface. Give management control of which users or groups can access project functionality based on roles and permissions.

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Building to scale

Scaling PM CMS to fit teams and companies of any size.

Using adaptable strategies and professional resources, we’ve built both SaaS and self-hosted solutions fit for teams of any size.

Managing dependencies

Coordinating inter-department communication and streamlining future workflow.

We undertook extensive research to find ways of synergizing the sales teams with developers and managing the projects accordingly.

Making it outsource-friendly

Most project management tools give little support for outsource tasks, putting the end-result at risk.

We built up from our own experience to create outsource-oriented solutions with full management options.

Easy onboarding and fast adoption

Making PM CMS onboarding as easy as possible. Giving the choice of fast adoption with 5 minutes between initial launch and the beginning of full-scale work.

Focusing not just on UI/UX optimization, we created a streamlined process of registration that’s no harder than sending an email.


  • 01.

    We got a one-stop workspace for CMS project management, developers, customers, and the sales team.

  • 02.

    Organized software development to create a seamless workflow.

  • 03.

    Built a matchmaking system based on project complexity, condition, and general assessment.

  • 04.

    Revised team member profiles to help track activity and assign tasks based on real-time workload and overall efficiency.

  • 05.

    Integrated tracking of full-time and part-time employees.

  • 06.

    Changed the way we look at developing productivity and management tools.

  • 07.

    Implemented gamification to boost engagement from team members.

  • 08.

    Created a CMS for a large agency’s project management system.

  • 09.

    Constructed a smart financial monitoring system which grabs all the information about project rates, duration, fees, and taxes and provides comprehensive reports.

 Stack of technologies

  • Angular 6
  • ngrx
  • angular/material
  • NodeJS
  • TypeScript
  • nest.js
  • TypeORM
  • Swagger
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS EC2 instance
  • AWS s3 for files/pictures management
  • RDS for PostgreSQL instances
  • Jasmine
  • Karma
  • Sinon
  • CI/CD: Ansible + Jenkins

Key features 

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    Powerful filtering and sorting of tasks, projects, team members, skill level, position, and stack of technologies in addition to the headquarter offices segmentation.

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    Real-time overview of staff workload.

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    Faster communication via the built-in messenger.

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    Integrated knowledge tests & performance assessments. Built-in achievements for developers and grade report system for the tech lead and the CTO.

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    Overload achievements and salary bonuses.

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    Built-in code review features with an accomplishment grade programme.

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    Jira integration — helps import everything from Jira to PM CMS without interrupting your workflow.

  • Icon

    Integrated and improved sales management feature to boost sales volumes.

  • Icon

    Time tracking features for better estimation and team member productivity evaluation process.

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    Calculator to estimate the cost-effectiveness of each developer in the team.

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    A career advancement program for developers to help visualize a clear career progression path.

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    A Customized Calendar feature. Time frames should be calculated on a case-by-case basis, taking into account domestic and international holidays and corporate day-offs.

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    Smart reporting functionality.


January 2017

Pipeline Development and Planning

  • Converted our ideas into a project Mindmap
  • Assembled the team to work on the project
  • Defined the working title of our project as “PM CMS”
  • Drew up a list of core features
  • Created technical specification
  • Software Architecture Development
March 2017

Alpha Version Prototyping

  • Design and UI/Wireframing
  • Backend prototyping
May 2017

Backend Deployment

  • Server Side Deployment
  • MVP Frontend application basic authorization/authentication + profile functionality
  • Smart filters and kanban view board had been implemented
August 2017

Alpha version is released

  • Employees, Projects and Customers entities had been added
  • Calendar module had been released
December 2018


  • The release of the Beta version
  • Deployment to partnered companies
  • Plan to integrate Stripe payment services
April 2019

  • Closed Beta insights report
  • Getting feedback from partnered companies about working with PM CMS
  • Starting to develop apps for iOS and Android
April 2020

We go mobile!

  • Mobile application for iOS — open Beta.
  • Mobile application for Android — open Beta


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