Who we are 

We are an international software development company ready to become your reliable partner in any project of any complexity. Delivering you the full cycle of development services is the main goal for our managers, designers and programmers. You will surely receive an end-to-end assistance and project maintenance as we strive for adapting to your needs.

It is certain that your time, expectations and expenses will convert into a high-quality, profitable and usable product.

And in addition to it we are also a cohesive crew of designers, developers, toy benders, gamers, music fanatics, party harders, freaks and nerds. Pleased to meet you!

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What we can do 


UI/ UX design
Web development

A platform for multiple crypto exchange with easy registration and quick and secure transactions that require no admin input to work.

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UI/ UX design
Web development

Buy and sell IoT devices in a large marketplace. Offering multiple payment methods, fraud protection, and feedback for optimizing your service.

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IOS development
Android development
Web development
UI/UX Design

Create your own real-time map of memories, emotions or pleasant moments. Mark them with emoji while walking or drinking your coffee!

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